The Pest Management Professional Hall of Fame was established to remind and educate those in the pest management industry about its leaders and pioneers – past and present.

It was conceived in 1996 as a yearbook, but morphed into a black-tie dinner celebration held January 1997 during the Purdue Pest Control Conference.

PMP will continue to recognize the trailblazers and legends of the pest management industry who strive to uphold professional standards, educate their peers and develop innovative products and services.

Now, the annual celebration to coincides with the National Pest Management Association’s PestWorld conference to make it more convenient for the inductees and their guests to attend. PMP has never forgotten its roots — and those of the professional pest management industry — at Purdue. Plaques of all PMP Hall of Famers adorn the walls of Smith Hall at the esteemed university.

The PMP Hall of Fame is open to anyone – working or retired, living or deceased – who helped shape the pest management industry. Nomination forms are accepted year round.

The PMP Hall of Fame is an annual honor bestowed upon inductees by their peers, as an anonymous selection committee, composed of past inductees and industry leaders, discuss the merits of nominees via conference call to decide the members of the next class. The committee has the authority to determine the number of inductees in any given class. Selection committee discussions begin each spring culminate with a cover story about the year’s class in the September issue of PMP magazine. Inductees or the families of posthumous inductees are notified of the honor before the issue mails.

The selection committee works under an open set of criteria, using its combined industry experience and knowledge, and information provided in nomination forms, to determine a nominee’s level of contribution to the pest management industry.